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Videos to make memories last for a lifetime.

Bliss Video Memories is a videography company dedicated to making your special events and moments something you can enjoy time and time again. Since 2005, Bliss has been providing Brides and Grooms with high quality video that they can cherish for a lifetime. Call it videography or cinematography we have 1 goal, making you look your best in providing you with a DVD of "YOUR DAY."groomsmen

People you can depend on.

Here at Bliss Video Memories we strive to be the best in the business, meaning we’re there for you when you need us. You can count on us to be there, capturing your special moments when they happen. We’re always there even if you don’t see us. We strive to keep you the focus while we blend into the background.

Only blissful surprises no hidden fees

By using Bliss Video Memories you know what you are getting and what you are paying. By having a flat rate for services you know you are not getting charged if your wedding and reception run long (because what weddings don’t?) Don't get caught up in paying by the hour, it always ends up being more! The only surprises here are the in video surprises of things you didn’t get to see on your wedding day. Check out our pricing guide here.

"Every wedding is a new opportunity to capture one of the greatest moments in people's lives." Kaleb Throckmorton, Owner

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